Misconceptions About Feminine Energy

When we talk about feminine energy, there are many misconceptions around it.

In a world that praises masculine energy, achieving goals and getting things done, feminine energy is very often frowned upon like it doesn’t have the same value, because feminine energy is not about being productive, is about just being.

Even women fed up of being in a masculine energy hustling and in doing mode and wanting to step into their feminine energy, have some internal conflicts based on these misconceptions.

So in this article we dig into the most common misconceptions about feminine energy and what the truth really is:

Feminine Energy is Weak

Feminine energy is about feeling the world through your emotions and expressing those emotions, and very often that is seen as a sign of weakness.

But emotions don’t make you weak, they make you human. And in reality, it takes a TREMENDOUS amount of courage to express yourself in the world, say out loud how you feel and what you need.

The world of facts and logical minds don’t care about emotions. Masculine men control their emotions and get things done. Feminine women, on the other hand, prioritize how they feel over getting things done.

It doesn’t take courage for a woman to ignore or repress how she feels, in truth it comes from fear. But it takes a lot of strenght to tell out loud and be vulnerable, running the risk of getting hurt.

It is necessary to let out our emotions out so that we create deeper connections, feel things and make the world worth living.

Being Feminine is Being Girly and Loving Pink

There is this idea that feminine energy is linked to being all girly and everything is pink in their world.

This is the same as saying that masculine energy is all about being all macho and everything is blue in their world.

Some feminine women are indeed girly and love pink, and some doesn’t. Feminine energy is also not about wearing dresses, heels and make-up.

Feminine energy is an inside energy. People can feel it, even if you are wearing black trousers and flat shoes.

It’s about being soft, open to receiving, nurturing, joyful, being in the present moment, warmth, sensuality, gentleness.

But, if being girly and wearing pink makes you connect with your feminine energy, so do it! We all have ways to connect with our essence and are all valid.

Feminine Energy is Passive

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of what feminine energy is, and the fear of many women who want to embody feminine energy.

Because feminine energy is about being and not doing, many people tend to think that all a feminine woman does is relaxing all day long.

This is a fear many women have, especially women who are mothers, or run their own businesses. With so much stuff to do, how can they be passive?

This is a mistake that feminine energy is passive. Is not passive at all, feminine energy is nurturing.

Feminine energy takes action but not from the same place that masculine energy does.

Masculine energy sets goals and acts to achieve them.

Feminine energy nurtures their world. Her goal is not to “make a million dollars” or to “feed their kids and put them to bed”.

Her goal is to do work she enjoys. Create from inspired action. No goals but to enjoy it. She acts but from divine creativity and inspiration, feeling her emotions in the process and focused on the present moment.

She nurtures her kids, cooks meals with them, creates stronger bonds by sharing vulnerability and by reading them a story at bedtime.

Feminine energy action is soft, nurturing, full of emotion and not focused on goals.

And it is amazing how things get done, money and abundance appears, help comes from many places, when a woman is in her feminine energy.

Also, feminine radiance is alluring. Think about the sirens from Greek mythology.

They embody a radiance that attracts without effort, but it is active, not passive. They actively cultivate that radiance in order to attract to themselves what they wish for.

Feminine Energy is Natural To Women

Feminine energy would be and should be natural to all women IF they were raised in a home that praises, values and nurtures feminine energy.

Of course all women are born with feminine energy, but if when they were a child and teenager they lived in a household that made fun, belittled, gaslighted their feminine essence, or were told that to survive they have to embody masculine traits, those women would start to push their feminine energy down.

For example, women who didn’t have a father or any other healthy masculine provider and protector role model never learned how it feels to be feminine and feel protected and provided for without having to do anything for it.

Or women who had masculized mothers, who teached them masculine traits, or had mothers who wanted their daughters to ignore how they feel in order to cater and provide for them.

So many women spent years embodying masculine traits, believing they have to prove themselves, work hard, and ignore their feminine essence.

So to those women, bringing their feminine energy back up doesn’t feel natural at first.

It takes time and inner work to re-wire their brains and their subconscious and let go of masculine traits of survival.

For example they have a hard time believing they can have everything they want and need without working hard or getting exhausted.

Or believing there are masculine men out there who would adore them and treat them like queens, protecting and providing for them.

The more inner work a woman does to embody her feminine energy, the more natural it becomes, because that is her TRUE NATURE! But it might take a while to get there.

Feminine Energy Submits To Men

There is this misconception that feminine women submit to all men. They don’t judge or blame men, and let men take all the decisions.

In reality, a feminine woman only submits to the right men. Not to all men just because they are men.

A feminine woman submits to a man who treats her like the amazing radiant woman she is. Who protects her, provides for her, and wants the best for her and for both of them.

He is the type of man who takes her feelings and needs into consideration on every decision he makes. He is a man fully embodying his healthy masculine energy.

So a feminine woman doesn’t judge or blame men, but she also doesn’t submit to men who don’t treat her like the queen she is. She simply says no and walks away.

A feminine woman is not a people pleaser by any means. She is warm and welcoming, but she has standards and self-worth enough to walk away if needed.

And she knows how to recognize the right man to submit to.

Feminine Energy Attracts Abusers

As we mentioned before, there is this misconception that feminine women submit to all men. But also, that they are vulnerable to all sorts of people taking advantage of her because of her soft and nurturing nature.

This couldn’t be more far from the truth.

The type of women who attract and accept abusive people and predators in their lives are in fact masculinized women who are coming from fear and wearing an armour of protection but have no real boundaries or standards.

Those women might want to protect themselves, but they are also in “doing” mode and wanting attention and validation, so if someone appears and gives them that, they quickly drop their armour and start giving to those people, in order to feed on that attention.

She will give them anything from attention, effort, energy, sex, or money, in order to keep their fake or temporary attention and validation.

On the other hand, a feminine woman doesn’t need any armour because she comes from self-love. She has boundaries and standards and she sticks to it. She doesn’t need external attention or validation because she gives that to herself.

And also, the most important thing, she is not in “doing mode”. She is in receiving mode.

Abusive people and predators want to take from you, not give. So a feminine woman in receiving mode has nothing to give to these people, so there’s no polarity, and therefore these people will quickly move on.

For example, a feminine woman won’t give attention, effort, energy, sex, or money, to an abusive man. She will lean back, observe him and how he treats her, and move on quickly if he is not a true healthy masculine provider and protector.

And this also applies to anyone else, from family members, friends, co-workers, etc.

So being feminine, soft, nurturing, but having boundaries and standards and being in receiving mode, is the best energy to repel abusive people.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you getting more clarity around the most common misconceptions about feminine energy.

Share with us in the comments below your experiences and how you feel about it. And share this article with other women you feel this would be of help to them!

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