How to Use Social Media in Your Business in a Feminine Way

Before I started The Feminine Energy, I ran a very successful social media marketing business for almost 15 years. I started when Facebook didn’t even exist, and have been watching and following all the trends, updates and strategies. So I tried and tested many things to the point of knowing exactly what works for each […]

The Magnetic Feminine Way to Attract The Right Clients

So many women who are entrepreneurs love their own businesses but feel totally exhausted and burned out. Why? Because they have been running their business from a masculine survival mode energy. There are tons of advice online about building and running a successful business, but most is a masculine way of operating. Rigid, full of […]

Running a Feminine Business: Connection vs Strategy

Women have been given this incredible gift of connecting with their divine feminine energy and using that powerful energy to navigate their way through life. This connection makes everything easier and smoother.  However, we rarely see women relying on their higher energy in business.  The business has always been seen as a space for the […]