How to Use Social Media in Your Business in a Feminine Way

Before I started The Feminine Energy, I ran a very successful social media marketing business for almost 15 years.

I started when Facebook didn’t even exist, and have been watching and following all the trends, updates and strategies.

So I tried and tested many things to the point of knowing exactly what works for each client and what doesn’t.

And let me tell you something: social media is NOT about sales.

It is about CONNECTION

If your goal is instant sales, focus on paid media. It is direct, clear, and straight to your goal.

But if your focus is on creating authority, trust, a community or engaged people, and establish yourself as a genuine brand, then focus on social media.

Because that is the the right way to use social media: by focusing on the “social”.

There are many people who use social media in a very masculine way: the focus is on promoting products and services in a hard way in order to get sales. It is a straight line to get to a goal.

But the secret to be successful on social media on the long run is using your feminine energy instead: by creating connections and nurturing your audience.

On social media people want to receive value, help, new info, advice, tips, and be entertained. They don’t want a constant push of products into them.

Of course you need to (and should!) talk about your offers and tell people how to get them, but doing this based on creating connection and trust is a bit different than just talking how a product is so wonderful.

The focus is on how the product can help your audience.

You can even combine using social media with paid media (paid adverts), that of course depends on your goals, business and budget.

Whatever the social media channels you use, make sure your content:

  • Delivers value
  • Communicates your values
  • Is consistent
  • Helps people: solves problems, delivers solutions
  • Provides insights and different perspectives
  • Shows yourself and your lifestyle (if applicable)
  • Shows your products and services and tells people how to enrol/buy them
  • Shows your uniqueness through being genuine

You need to be consistent on delivering content on social media. This means showing up every day.

It definitely doesn’t mean spending all day on social media. It means having a schedule of content and using automated systems to help you, like or Hootsuite, where you can schedule posts for the whole week or month.

This also means doing spontaneous posts, Reels or Stories. 

Follow your intuition and if you feel called to post something this very moment, do it!

Have Conversations

Social media is the place to have conversations with your audience.

Create posts where you ask them questions, encourage interaction and their participation.

Also ask them what content they want more of. What info they need.

You can research hashtags related to your business and see the trends and the conversations around specific topics, and create posts and videos around them.

It is also important to respond to comments and questions on your posts and videos. Keep the conversation going!

Can you sell through social media?

You absolutely can. But this is not the place to do hard sales and push products or services.

Tell your audience about your products or services in a way that communicates its value to them and how it can help them.

Share your own stories, what you went through that made you create the business or a specific course or product, and then add instructions (a call-to-action) on how people can enrol or buy.

Social media is the way to nurture your audience, not the place to do quick sales.

But if you are consistent and do it right, you can build a huge community of people who will be consistently buying from you.

Also, don’t think that just because you are not getting many likes or comments on your posts, that no one is interested. 

There are people watching and buying that just aren’t active on social media.

Also, be only where your audience is.

Don’t think that you need to be on all social media channels, even the ones who are not right to you.

One of the things I did for my clients was consultancy and telling them exactly where they need to be in order to build a community and get results.

Be mindful of your own energy when on social media

People can feel your energy through the screen, through your words and even more so if you do videos of yourself.

So make sure that you are with a good energy when creating content, showing up on a recorded video or a live one.

Don’t push yourself to be productive if you feel uninspired, tired and need to rest. That is living in survival mode.

If you need to, stop. Go do other things, rest, take care of yourself. Come back later or the next day when your vibration is higher.

Show yourself

Last but not least, don’t be shy on showing yourself on social media!

I’ve coached many of my clients on how to show up on social media, meaning showing photos of themselves, doing videos, sharing their stories.

Of course this is not mandatory and depends on the business you have.

But people are always curious to see the face behind a brand and know more about you. That is how you connect to your audience.

This is especially important if you sell courses or coaching services. What you have to say matters and people need to know what you have to share!

Remember, the top main things to be successful on social media using your own feminine energy are:

– Showing up consistently

– Focusing on connection

– Delivering value by showing your expertise and know how

– Telling how your offers can help others

– Nurturing your business and your audience

– Taking care of yourself and only showing up and creating content with a good energy

– Listening to and following your intuition

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