The Magnetic Feminine Way to Be Productive

If you look around and observe the western society today, it seems like there is a race for productivity going on.

Being part of this bandwagon simply means your self worth and identity is associated with how much you are able to toil and hustle. 

We have been conditioned to check off the to-do lists, show tangible results of our efforts and demonstrate a never ending willingness to do more. 

And amongst all this hustling, we often forget to catch a break and check in with ourselves. 

Also, many women when they want to embody their feminine energy and live a slow and softer life, they don’t understand how they can have that and still get things done.

There are some ways through which you can be productive while honoring your divine feminine essence and in this article we are going to talk about exactly that.

So, let’s get started!

Re-learn the meaning of productivity

We struggle so much with being productive because we have a flawed way to approach the concept of productivity. 

Being productive should not only be defined by the physical effort you put in but also by how attuned you are with your mental well-being. The magnetic feminine way to be productive is to first check in with your emotional state and only then putting in the physical work.

Activities like meditation, deep breathing and journaling are an excellent tool for improving one’s emotional well-being.

Let go of the shame

Because the society around us is so focused on working more and working hard, when we don’t do “more” we subconsciously judge and shame ourselves.

Those negative feelings make us feel even more miserable and we keep falling down the slope of not-being-enough.

But a divine feminine understands that there is no shame in doing less. What matters is that whatever you do is meaningful and from a place of true excitement for your work. 

Not from a place of shame or self-pity.

Focus on feeling good

If you could focus more on feeling good rather than “doing more”, you would automatically become more productive because your psychological faculties will assist you in taking the right action.

But if you don’t honor your feelings and just focus on taking action non-stop, the work you do will be mediocre at best. 

So, what would you choose?

The magnetic feminine is always committed to respecting her feelings first and foremost and that’s how everything aligns in her favor. 

She knows that feeling good is the very foundation upon which all her success and ambitions reside, so she takes care of the foundation first! 

Elevate your self-worth

Your value doesn’t depend on approval of others so you don’t need to waste anymore time trying to seek validation from the outside. Instead, you must put that time and energy into loving yourself and being your own cheerleader. 

Your self-worth must not be tied to what you accomplish because that way you will never feel worthy. However, your inner being or higher self loves you no matter how you are or what you do. So you need to connect with your higher self and ignore the ego. 

Tune into your inner being whenever you can during the day and know that you deserve the very best the universe has to offer! 

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