The Magnetic Feminine Way to Attract The Right Clients

So many women who are entrepreneurs love their own businesses but feel totally exhausted and burned out.

Why? Because they have been running their business from a masculine survival mode energy.

There are tons of advice online about building and running a successful business, but most is a masculine way of operating. Rigid, full of rules and focused on “working hard” and on “hustling”.

The truth is, this is totally not sustainable for feminine souls. At least not in the long term.

A woman will end up burned out, exhausted, frustrated, and feeling that the more she pushes the less it happens.

That her income can’t seem to pass a certain level.

I’m not saying that women cannot build a business the masculine way, just saying that is not the only way.

It might be the most known and common, but not the only way.

In fact, there is a way that is a more feminine and gentle approach to building a successful business without getting burned out or exhausted, and actually feeling recharged and joyful as it grows!

So there are two ways to build a business:


– Convincing

– Hunting

– Chasing

– Hustling hard


– Nurturing

– Creating

– Attracting

– Trusting

The Masculine Way

The masculine way is like chasing and hunting. It doesn’t create connections, it creates sales.

This is an old model of convincing, grasping, chasing (sometimes even manipulating), creating funnels, rigid paths, all the way focused on the end goal:

– Sending cold DM’s and prospecting

– Convincing people that your product or service is the best

– Hustling for hours every day to the point of exhaustion and beyond

– Working from a fear mindset that if you don’t work hard nothing will happen

– Focused only on the end goal and neglecting enjoying the journey to get there

This doesn’t resonate with feminine women who desire to build a sustainable soulful timeless business. And it certainly does not feel soft, joyful or creative.

In fact, this is absolutely soul crushing and draining for a feminine woman on the long run.

The Feminine Way

The feminine way is not based on anything described above but based on embodying the right energy and attracting the right clients to you.

Think about the sirens of the Greek Mythology. They weren’t pushing or forcing or working hard to attract the men, they were just singing joyfully and becoming magnets to attracting them.

The feminine way if like gardening and nurturing, creating a beautiful environment where your dream clients or customers will naturally feel attracted to.

You don’t force or push anything, and you don’t convince people to buy from you. Instead, you create your authority and attraction through your creativity, trust, integrity, image and content.

The focus is not on the sales itself, but on the journey there. You create resonance through your uniqueness that draws the clients to you who are desiring your products/services, and buy from you effortlessly.

The more you believe in yourself and your brand, and you create from creativity and joy, the more powerful your attraction will be.

So building a business from feminine energy includes:

– Focus on attraction-based actions, like sharing your own story, lifestyle or experiences

– Delivering real value to your audience, helping them solve problems and provide solutions

– Embodying your brand and show up consistently and in a genuine way

– Focus on building connections

– Speak only to the right clients who are ready to buy from you and are empowered to do so

– Letting your clients come to you at their right time (the more you work on attraction more clients will come consistently)

– You create from creativity and joy and you honour your needs to rest and recharge

– Delegate and outsource many things to other people, so you don’t do everything yourself and you focus only on what is your source of creativity.

For example if you are not that good at numbers hire an accountant. If you are not that good at website development, hire a developer, etc. That is how you protect your energy and focus on what matters. Let other people help you!

This feminine way to run a business is based on you being OPEN to receive.

So this is not the masculine way of how much I need to do in order to get a return. You are open to receive at ALL TIMES.

Even when you are resting or you are asleep. This is a true feminine abundance mindset!

And of course you also need to TRUST the process.

You need to plant a seed and nurture it over time and see it grow slowly and consistently.

This is the POWER of the feminine! Nurturing your business over a long time without getting burned out but actually manifesting more abundance and prosperity as you go along.

This doesn’t mean you don’t work. In fact you’ll dedicate many hours to your business, but all will be done from joy.

From inspiration and feeling you are fulfilling your purpose with every single piece of content you put out. And you know when to stop and delegate or rest.

You attract. You call in. You receive. That’s it. That is the feminine “formula”.

By honouring your feminine energy and essence, you are leaving behind a mindset of lack, scarcity and survival mode, and stepping into real abundance.

That is also how you open up to receive an overflow of opportunities, money, and a joyful life, as well as leaving a beautiful legacy behind you.

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