The Difference Between Dark and Wounded Feminine Energy in Dating

There are many traits and behaviours that many people call dark feminine energy but are in fact wounded feminine.

In this article we’re diving deep into what is one and the other, remove misconceptions and bring clarity into your journey of embobyding your feminine energy.

What is dark feminine energy?

Whilst light feminine energy is being playful, enjoying life, being in the present moment, being kind, empathic, dark feminine energy is the part of you that puts yourself and your well-being and desires first.

Many people get confused with the word “dark” thinking it means something evil or bad. Not at all.

It is you setting up standards for what you want to have in your life, the type of people and relationships you want to have, how do you want to feel and live.

Your dark feminine energy sets up the energetic container of your life, so your light feminine energy can enjoy life, feeling safe and nurtured.

It is therefore very important in your journey of reconnecting with and embodying your feminine energy that you start using your dark feminine energy to level up and start living a life of abundance and joy, leaving behind patterns of survival mode, struggle and abusive people and situations.

Dark feminine energy is also you knowing you are worthy of having all you desire and standing sovereign and authentic in that worthiness, knowing you only have to be yourself to live your best life.

You can still be kind and empathic to others when in your dark feminine energy. It doesn’t mean lashing out at others, arguing, or criticizing.

It means you are unapologetical, you stick to your standards and boundaries and you either accept or reject situations, no explanations needed beyond how you feel.

When dark feminine energy gets confused with wounded feminine

There are many people who confuse dark feminine energy with manipulating others to get what they desire.

There are even coaches online who advise to lie, pretend, manipulate, play unfair, etc, in order to play with a wealthy man’s ego in order to make him feel good and provide for you, calling that dark feminine energy.

That is absolutely not what dark feminine energy is. No high value woman who is sovereign in who she is has the need to do any of those things to “make a man” do anything, much less manipulate people.

Doing those things is not dark feminine energy, is wounded feminine. It comes from the unhealed part of you that says you are not enough and worthy as you are, so you need to lie and pretend and etc so you can function in life.

That is still being a “pickme” (a woman performing to be chosen), that is still survival mode and that is coming from your inner child wounds.

Just because a woman has high standards in regards to the money and lifestyle she wants, and only deals with men who have money and can provide for her, doesn’t mean she is in her healthy feminine energy.

She is still in people pleasing mode and trying to do things on purpose so she gets picked by certain men.

This is a similar pattern to the helpess feminine woman who does everything for a man who is broke and he is taking advantage of her.

Both are performing with the expectation to the picked. The only thing that changes is the type of men they are focusing on: one is broke, the other one has money.

But both of those men are also in their wounded masculine energy.

What happens with you date from your wounded feminine

Women need to be aware of the type of men they are attracting and accepting when they are focusing only on money and lifestyle and doing certain things (lying, playing unfair, performing, pretending, etc), totally neglecting connection, emotional depth, authenticity, and their own integrity.

They are going to attract two types of men:

– Men who come from their big ego and use money to control women and are abusive.

These men see the manipulative game the woman is doing and he plays unfair too.

– Men who can be very financially sucessful but inside they are emotionally stunted and they use their money buy love and attention from women because they feel they have no worth beyond their money.

These men pretend they don’t see a woman’s pretending and playing a game to get their money, because the woman strokes his fragile ego and gives him a sense of feeling worthy.

You would need to be very emotionally unavailable yourself to be able to be with these types of men, because although they can give you the money and the lifestyle you desire, they cannot fulfill your emotional needs, and there will always be an emotional void.

Because the relationship lacks depth and is only superficial.

So if your desire is to manifest a healthy masculine man who adores you, provides for you, protects you, and you two have a genuine connection, stay in your healthy feminine energy.

By all means use your dark feminine energy to set standards and boundaries when dating, but be your own unique version of your feminine energy.

That is more than enough to attract and pull the right man to you.

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