Dating: The Difference Between a High Value Man and a Man With High Values

There is a lot of talk nowadays about feminine women levelling up and wanting a high value man as their partner or husband.

But the concept of what a high value man is might be different for each woman, so there is a lot of confusion on what really makes a man being high value.

And, there is a big difference between a man being high value and a man having high values.

In this article we’ll dig deep into both so you can decide what really do you want and need as a romantic partner or husband.

What is Considered a High Value Man

As we mentioned, there are many definitions of what a high value man is.

But, some common traits seem to be:

– Being good looking and well groomed

– Fit and healthy

– Wealthy (being old money or from a new business)

– Being ambitious

– Having good connections and friendships in high places

– Having a certain luxury lifestyle

– Frequent certain exclusive places like country or golf clubs

– Having a long list of options in regards to women

– Takes women on amazing dates

– Knows how to have a great conversation and makes you laugh

– Wanting a high value woman (beautiful, a great body, well dressed and looking the part, etc)

So basically is a man who is well established in life, financially comfortable and can offer a certain type of lifestyle.

But, all of those traits don’t mean that a man is of high values.

What do we mean by that?

Very often when we are in the process of leveling up, we can be so wrapped up on superficial things and lifestyle that we don’t take the time to dig deep and vet a man properly to see if he has the traits to be a good partner or husband.

Just because a man is financially stable, good looking or well groomed doesn’t make him a man who is a protector or a provider.

In other words, doesn’t make him a man of high values.

Those high values and what makes a man a wonderful partner and husband are:

– Being kind and empathic

– Being a generous provider (financially, emotionally and psychologically)

– Wanting to protect you

– Taking the lead, initiating, planning, with your needs and well-being in his mind

– Being honest and genuine

– Devoted to only one woman

– Family-oriented

– Living from his heart and with integrity

– His actions match his words

– He is emotionally available

– Creates a safety container for your feminine energy to thrive

– Want to take care of you and meet your needs (and of your future children and family)

Create your own list of standards and requirements

Does this mean that a man can’t be high value and of high values? Yes he absolutely can!

A man can be wealthy, good looking, etc, AND have all those high values.

But the point of this article is for you to create your own list of standards and requirements of what you truly require from a man in order to have a healthy and happy relationship where ALL your needs are met.

And not assuming that just because a man is wealthy that he is a provider and generous (many aren’t).

Or that because he is dating you that he is only devoted to you.

Or that because he is considered a high value man that he automatically has high values.

The purpose of dating from your feminine energy is to lean back and observe a man’s behaviour over time.

And as you get to know him, check what he shows you with your list of standards and requirements, so YOU decide if that man is of high value and has high values to YOU and to your needs.

So you don’t get fooled by other women considering a man being high value, or you being enchanted by his good looks or how much he spends on your dates, just to realise later on he has no high values and is not a good partner.

A high value woman is a woman who says no to any man regardless of how much money he makes or how good looking he is, if he shows her that he doesn’t have the values she requires in a partner.

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