Online Dating: How To Stay in Your Feminine Energy When Challenged

Stepping into their feminine energy is quite easy for many women. What they struggle with though is with staying in that feminine energy when challenged.

And by challenged I mean situations and people who through their actions and words can make you step into your masculine energy without you wanting to do so, like happens so often on online dating.

It is important to women to have and use their masculine energy: to work, to get things done, etc. But when THEY choose to do so, not when others challenge them to.

Feeling masculine energy in certain situations (like dating) can be a sign to a woman that the situation or person doesn’t serve them, after all masculine energy is there to protect you.

The true challenge is to deal with the situations without stepping out of your feminine energy and give your power away by lashing out or go into mothering energy with a man telling him what to do.

For example, feminine women want to find a partner who is a masculine man and who provides, protects and pursues them.

However, many men nowadays are not in touch with their own masculine energy for various reasons and so if you do online dating, you’ll find many situations where a man will try to make you step into your masculine energy (some men do this conciously and many others do it without even realizing it).

The challenge for women is to not step into their masculine energy when that happens, but rather stay in their feminine and allow the men to be men.

Feminine energy is an energy of being open, receptive, light and fun. Staying in that energy even when challenged is key.

Some ways men can challenge you to step into your masculine energy in dating:

– Complaining you never initiate texting

– Complaining you never invite them out or plan dates

– Complaining you take too long to respond to texts

Any kind of complaining and whining is not what a true masculine high value man would do.

A masculine man values and ADORES your feminine energy, he doesn’t care if he is the one initiating or making plans because that is his nature. 

He wants you to feel fully in your feminine energy and to be taken care of.

So when you have a man acting like that and challenging you to initiate things, plan dates and whatever, a feminine high value woman stays in her feminine energy.

She doesn’t take the lead and starts doing what he asks her to, she doesn’t complain back to him and she doesn’t tell him what to do.

She responds in a calm way and reverts the masculine energy back to him, telling him she loves when he plans things, she trusts his decisions, or just simply says nothing.

A feminine high value woman ALLOWS the man to be a man. Either he steps up to the plate or he just leaves. Either way, she wins.

Many men need a feminine woman to allow them to step into their masculine energy, because they are not used to. They are used to women with masculine energy, who take initiative, plan dates, tell them what to do, control things, etc.

Meeting a truly feminine woman who stays in her feminine energy and allows him to be a man can be refreshing for him.

Other types of men (that are abusive or fully in their feminine energy) simply do not want to step into their masculine energy and can even be rude or try to gaslight you into doing 50/50 or whatever.

So, if you feel your masculine energy of protection around a man, this is a sign to pay attention. It is a red flag your intuition and your body is picking up. Because when you are around a healthy masculine man, you feel safe and feminine.

So you either give them the chance to step into their masculine energy, or if they are being rude, you just cut them off.

But, you don’t step into your masculine energy. You stay strong and firm in your feminine energy, continue to be open and receptive to other men.

Many women step into their masculine energy, tell the guys off and then end up lowering their vibration and taking that masculine energy to other men and other situations. This is a no-no.

That is exactly the reason many women feel bitter and angry towards men. They step into their own masculine energy without wanting to do so.

So, your true feminine power is in staying in your feminine energy regardless of what others do or say. It simply doesn’t faze you.

You just go along in your day feeling amazing, soft and receptive, instead of allowing a man to make you put your guard up and feel shut down.

For many women this requires practice, especially if they lived many years in their masculine energy. 

But being able to do this and staying in your feminine energy not only will help you in dating but in committed relationships as well.

You understand that when challenged, you just have to either accept or reject the situation.

You decide if you want to revert the masculine energy back to them in a soft feminine way and see their reaction, or you just decide to reject the situation all together, no explanations given.

High value masculine men won’t challenge your feminine energy. They will feel so lucky they found an adorable feminine high value woman and will cherish and love every bit of her, being true providers.

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