How Your Relationship With Men Change When You Embody Your Feminine Energy

Your whole life and relationships change when you embody your feminine energy.

Simply because you are in a totally different energy when you honour and live from your feminine essence.

Very often what prompts women wanting to embody their feminine energy is frustration and exhaustion in their relationships with men and dating.

They start researching why they always attract a specific type of men (usually very passive and/or abusive), and they find articles and info about feminine energy and how polarity works in a man/woman relationship.

An we said, your whole life and relationships in general change when you embody your feminine energy, but on this article we’ll focus specifically on how your relationships with men change:

1. You start to feel attracted to masculine men

When a woman is embodying masculine traits in dating and romantic relationships, that usually comes from having a feminine wound.

She doesn’t believe she deserves all the goodness in the world and what she believes is that she has to be the one in doing mode, otherwise no men will love her.

So she ends up attracted to and attracting men who are embodying feminine traits. This is the law of polarity.

Men who are very passive, who can’t make a decision, who want the woman to plan, men who are not providers and like to do 50/50.

But deep down she feels frustrated and resentful with this because this doesn’t honour her true feminine nature.

When she heals her feminine wound and she starts to embody her feminine energy, the whole game changes.

She is now open to receive, she knows she is deserving of being treated properly.

So she starts to feel attracted to other types of men.

She starts to feel attracted to a type of man who is very masculine, who lives from his heart, who is decisive, who plans, who wnats to protect and provide for her.

The type of man who takes care of her well being and loves her radiant energy!

So she starts saying no to men who are not in their masculine energy, and she starts to see masculine men everywhere.

2. You lean back and let men plan and decide

A woman embodying masculine traits is very controlling because she comes from fear.

She wants to be the one making decisions, planning dates, paying things, etc. She wants to have the upper hand.

Very often this happens due to a lack of putting boundaries when needed.

But when she embodies her feminine energy, she calms down.

She has clear boundaries and standards, she trusts she is always safe. So she leans back in her feminine energy and let the men take the lead.

She lets the men initiate, plan, make decisions, pay for things.

And she observes how he treats her all the way.

She feels good in receiving and being taken care of. If she doesn’t agree with something she’ll let him know in a calm way.

3. You open up to receive from men

A woman who has a feminine wound doesn’t believe she deserves all the goodness in the world and to be treated like a queen, so she has many walls around her that prevent her from receiving.

Being this closed off doesn’t allow a man to provide for her, but she also limits herself on the amount of abundance she can receive with ease from the Universe as a whole.

When she heals and embodies her feminine energy, she opens up to receive.

She doesn’t have to prove she deserves to receive, she knows her worth just by being in this world.

And she knows she also deserves to receive from a masculine man who ADORES her.

A man who wants to provide good things for her on a emotional, psychological and financial level.

Not because he is expecting something in return, but simply because he wants to make her happy and wants to be around her radiant energy!

She’ll also notice that she attracts less and less passive or abusive men, because those types of men also want to receive and not to provide, so they feel repelled by a feminine woman who wants to receive. And good riddance!

4. You walk away quickly if needed

A woman embodying her feminine energy is a high value woman.

She knows what she wants and she has standards.

Anyone who is not up to those standards she quickly walks away.

She doesn’t make excuses for bad behaviour, she is never a second option, she is not left “on a bench” waiting for communication from a man.

She is not the type of woman who wastes time going on Facebook groups asking advice for a man’s less than proper behaviour.

She observes a man’s behaviour, checks with herself and walks away quickly if her intuition tells her to do so.

In dating she has a mindset of “let the best man win”, so she focus on the men who treat her right consistently. All others are out.

5. You let him drive the relationship forward

A feminine woman does not chases or pressures a man to go into the next stage of a relationship, like being commited, getting engaged, or eetting the wedding date.

She can of course communicates her desires to him in a feminine and clear way, but it’s up to him to take that next step.

A feminine woman attracts men who are very masculine and know what they want. So this isn’t even a worry for her, because he’ll naturally want to take those next steps.

Her calm and leaned back energy is all he needs to feel comfortable to want to give her everything she deserves.

This is very different from women who are in masculine anxious energy, in a relationship with passive men who don’t take the lead for whatever reason, and they end up either driving the relationship forward (never knowing if the man truly want that), or turning the relationship into a nightmare of pressure for both sides.

A feminine woman is centered, calm and radiant. She chooses to be with a man who values her from day one and wants to take the relationship forward because he loves her, and because he doesn’t want other men to ever have that opportunity and end up losing her. Which takes us to the next point:

6. You only commit to a man who values you

A high value feminine woman is not desperate to be in a relationship.

She doesn’t think she is too old to be loved, weights too much or weights too little, lives in the wrong place, or that no one will want her because she is divorced with two kids, etc.

Many women think those things and live out of lack and scarcity, so they end up affraid of being alone and in relationships with just any man who wants them, bringing all sorts of issues because very often they end up dating down.

A feminine woman does not have this mindset. She lives from abundance.

She knows her worth, she cultivates her radiant energy and she is living her best life.

She has standards and she never dates down. She knows she’ll only accept to be in a relationship with a man who adds VALUE to her life.

A man who adores her and values her from day one and wants to provide for her, making her life better than it was before she met him.

And a man who shows that to her consistently over time. Who proves to her he deserves her radiance and her commitment to him.

So she is happy single until she finds her king.

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