10 Ways You Change When You Embody Your Feminine Energy

If you have lived most of your life embodying masculine traits and from that energy, you are probably used to your reality being a certain way.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if the words exhaustion, resentment and overwhelmed are part of that reality.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong for a woman to embody masculine traits to get things done, make decisions, etc, living much of the time in that energy might be too much.

As women we are not supposed to live most of the time in masculine energy. We don’t have the hormones to always be in doing mode!

Our natural state is living from our feminine energy, allowing, receiving, flowing.

So when you make the conscious decision to let go of the hustle masculine mode and embrace your feminine essence, it’s more than natural that your reality changes.

In this article we talk about the 10 most common ways your life changes when you embody your feminine energy:

1. You slow down

Feminine energy is all about slowing down, being in the present moment and enjoying life.

So if you have been in a masculine energy doing things all day long and rushing from one thing to the other too focused on doing and achieving, when you step into your feminine energy you just slow down the pace.

There is no rush in feminine energy. Even if you still have things to do, you do them in a calm and centered way, enjoying your emotions and feelings and experiences.

The way you walk and the way you talk, and the way you do things in general will slow down.

And funnily enough, everything still gets done.

2. Your relationships change

When you embody your feminine energy, you are no longer in an energy of doing and providing, but in an energy of receiving and allowing, so this will have an impact in your relationships.

Some people will love this new you and want to support you, others not quite.

You can have friendships who will dissolve, especially with girlfriends who are too much in their masculine energy and can’t accept you want to be in your feminine.

You can have romantic relationships with men who are passive and don’t want to provide or protect and you don’t feel attracted to that anymore.

You can have clients, business partners, co-workers who keep pushing you into a masculine energy and you having to put boundaries or letting go completely of them.

In general, all your relationships with change.

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3. You enjoy the present moment

Masculine energy is not about enjoying the present moment, is about having goals and getting things done, from one task to another. The fullfilment is on achieving the goals.

Feminine energy on the other hand is about the journey not the destination. You still care about going somewhere, but you care more about enjoying the journey there.

You want to savour every moment and and every minute of your day, wanting to stop and “smell the flowers”.

So in your every day life you start to be less in your mind and more in your body and your heart.

4. You listen to and follow your intuition

Intuition is the guiding system of feminine energy.

Every feminine woman listens to, trusts and follows her intuition. She just knows what to decide, what to choose, what to do, from that inner sacred place.

When your connection to your intuition is injured, you do not listen or follow your intuition, you need facts to back it up, you ask many other people for validation, and get yourself in many bad situations because you didn’t trust your inner guidance.

When you embody your feminine energy you start to connect with that inner wisdom. You trust that first gut instinct that comes to you before your logical mind has time to think.

You know that is your higher self speaking and you follow it, even if no one else understands or validate your decisions. You don’t need it.

5. You want to move your body in a more free way

Many women have a rigid exercising routine that is very masculine.

For example gym training that is very structured, too intense, too focused on achieving a goal, counting repetitions, getting exhausted.

Whilst this not a bad thing per se, when you embody your feminine energy you start to balance your hormones as well.

You start to want to enjoy every moment, and you might be surprised that you don’t feel attracted to that rigid forms of exercising anymore.

Your body wants to move more freely. You want to express yourself from a more connected and sensual way.

So you might want to start doing things like yoga, taking walks around nature, water aerobics, dance classes, and other playful activities where there is no other goal than to enjoy yourself and having fun.

6. You become attracted to masculine men

Woman who are too much in their masculine energy feel attracted or tend to attract men who are too much in their feminine energy. This is the law of polarity, opposites attract.

These women very often are the ones providing for men, making decisions for men, planning dates, paying for dates, in a very controlling energy.

They are not open to receive from men, or not most of the time.

When you embody your feminine energy you open up to receive. You start to lean back and let the Universe provide for you. And you start letting men provide for you.

So as you embody your femininity you start to feel less and less attracted by passive men, and the more attracted you start to feel to healthy masculine men who are providers.

A healthy masculine man have an open heart, he wants to devote to, provide to and protect his woman. And he loves a feminine woman who trusts him and lets him lead.

You start to see and recognize this type of masculine man everywhere and start to feel very attracted to them.

You also start to feel attracted to masculine energy in general. You trust you are supported by masculine energy in its many forms, like the Universe, money, different structures and support systems, which takes us to the next point:

7. You leave survival mode and start living

Many women who are too much in their masculine energy don’t feel safe, they are in survival mode and tend to think they always have to hustle to achieve things in life, they don’t have space to enjoy their feminine energy and to receive with ease.

When you embody your feminine energy, you start trusting masculine energy in its many forms, so you finally get out of survival mode and start living, finally feeling secure and safe.

You know the Universe in general supports you.

You know money is always coming into your life from many different sources to support you.

You have different structures and systems to come to support you at work, your business or personal life.

You have masculine men appearing wanting to help you, provide and protect you.

And all that happens because you are open to receive from masculine energy.

You finally realise you don’t need to hustle and get exhausted and mess your hormones in order to be in this world.

You can lean back, enjoy life knowing you are always safe and secure.

8. You take good care of yourself

When a woman is too much in her masculine energy hustling and focused on getting things done, she doesn’t have much time to take good care of herself. Very often she does the basics like shower, having clean clothes, brush her teeth, and little more.

She might even feel very anxious or guilty if she takes time off to rest or to enjoy herself outside of weekends or holidays or “socially accepted time to unwind”.

She might even feel she is missing out on achieving goals if she stops the hustle.

When a woman embodies her feminine energy, she slows down. She wants to enjoy life.

So she follows the natural rhythms of her body.

She rests when she needs, she takes care of what she eats, she exercises, she takes care of her skin, her outfit, her nails, she basically wants to nurture herself.

Because she also knows that the more she takes good care of herself, the more she can listen to her intuition, and the more she connects with her feminine energy.

Focusing on her well-being becomes the priority.

9. You change your desires

Ok so this is a big one.

We all have desires and dreams. But what happens when a woman is too much in her masculine energy is that she can’t hear her true heart desires because she is too stuck in survival mode and achieving daily goals.

She might not even know what her true desires are, or her desires are sometimes pretty small because she does’t allow herself to dream BIG!

This is also connected to a lack of self worth. She believes she doesn’t deserve more or that she has to prove her worth through hustling and achieveing.

Basically she is in a energy that is very contracting and restritive.

When she embodies her feminine energy, she opens up.

She gets out of survival mode and she opens up to live a FULL LIFE!

She starts to expand the more she embodies her feminine energy in her daily life.

So her desires start to show up.

She might realise she doesn’t want a romantic relationship that has a 50/50 dynamic, and realise she desires a man who fully provides for them both.

She might realise she doesn’t want to work in the corporate world anymore and discover she wants to be a yoga teacher or a writer.

She might realise she doesn’t want to live in an apartment anymore and she wants a house with a garden where she can drink her coffee in the morning.

She might realise she wants an abundance and overflow of money instead of “just enough”.

When you embody your feminine energy your true heart desires will become LOUD, very LOUD!

Until you have no other choice but to become that new person who will manifest all she wants because she just desires it and deserves it.

10. You become more playful

As mentioned before, masculine energy is a very rigid and structured energy. It is focused on achieving and doing, so has little space for play.

As you step into your feminine energy and want to enjoy your present moment, you feel like a weight is lifted from your shoulders!

You allow yourself now to breathe and live life and your inner child will come out naturally. She’ll want to play, have fun, be silly, enjoy life!

Your feminine radiance will shine and this is exactly the energy that attracts masculine men like a magnet! They want to be around this type of woman because they lack this playful energy in their daily lives!

Your daily life will also be more enjoyable, light and pleasurable when you don’t take life too seriously and you allow yourself to have fun!

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