How Your Relationships Change When You Embody Your Feminine Energy

Embodying your feminine energy is not about “learning to become feminine”, is actually about unlearning the ways you don’t allow your feminine energy to flow.

Feminine energy magic makes things easy… it can almost feel too easy, too lucky, too simple!

Feminine energy is the path of least resistance, is receiving *more* by doing *less*.

This is a totally different approach to life and love than masculine energy takes. Masculine energy maximizes the output of effort, where feminine energy releases more and more effort until you’re achieving through ease.

So when you decide to honour your feminine essence and embodying it, and you let go of masculine traits such as hustle, worrying too much, doing too much, being too serious, etc, your life and your relationships change in massive ways!

But in order to fully embody your feminine energy, you have to let go of everyone that is making you stay in a masculine energy.

Anyone who disrespects you and makes you have to protect yourself, anyone who shames your feminine desires, anyone who pushes you to work harder and do more, anyone that guilts you when you spend money to take care of yourself, anyone who wants you to play small to make them feel good, all that needs to GO!

Many women lived years with people like this around them, starting with parents (or lack of them) that pushed them into providing and protecting for themselves from an young age, to husbands and boyfriends who weren’t in a masculine provider role, to friends who wanted them to do too much for them, abusive clients or co-workers, etc.

For a woman embodying masculine traits, she learned that was “normal”. Catering to others at her expense and feeling drained and exhausted was “normal”. Until she realises it really isn’t and she heals her feminine wound.

When you start to embody your feminine energy, instead of hustling and providing for others, you lean back.

You want to radiate and receive with ease.

You’ll let go of certain people

Your feminine radiance will trigger those people who were used for you to be in a masculine role for them.

And it will create situations that you feel you are being pushed into that masculine energy but now, it just doesn’t feel right anymore because you are stepping into a new energy and honouring your feminine heart.

You need to have people in your life that embrace, value and honour your feminine essence. And help making life easier for you.

So some relationships will naturally dissolve because there is no polarity anymore, others will transform and others you’ll have to make the conscious decision to let go.

This won’t be easy, especially if it’s a long term relationship or a close friend, but when your energy changes you’ll repel each other if the other part doesn’t want to grow or accept your change.

And you have to let go, because if you don’t you’ll have a part of your life who is not aligned with who you truly are and that will hinder your growth and all the abundance that is meant for you.

This is unlearning the ways you don’t allow your feminine energy to flow.

In the past you were a match to certain people and patterns, now you are not anymore.

In the past when someone pushed you into your masculine energy you would gladly do it. Even if it made you feel exhausted, drained or resentful.

Now you simply don’t. Because you have boundaries and standards and you protect your feminine heart.

So when you embody your feminine energy there will be people who just will not be a part of your life anymore. Let them go. Embrace the emotions that arise, heal and move on.

This can make you feel lonely at first, but in reality this way you make space for other types of people to appear in your life.

You’ll not be alone don’t worry, the Universe knows what it is doing and you need to trust the process.

Feminine energy is leaning back and allowing. When you’re in the feminine energy of light and breezy, when you’re totally out of resistance, the right people will find you sweet and fascinating and they are compelled from deep within to care for and even adore you in a loving way.

You’ll attract men who want to provide and protect you, and you’ll attract other feminine women with whom you can create a sisterhood who will support each other.

Your relationships will be based not on what you can do for them anymore, but based on who you are. On your radiance, your joy, your nurturing and your beautiful aura.

You’ll be like a magnet attracting the right people.💖

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