10 Ways To Be in Your Feminine Energy With a Man

If your goal is to have a man in your life who is a healthy masculine man who adores you and provides for you, then no matter how much you do in your daily life, you need to step into your feminine energy.

You can use masculine energy for work, taking care of children, running errands, making decisions, etc, but when next to a man you need to know how to switch into your softness and allow yourself to receive.

This is the secret to creating the dreamy romantic relationship you want.

However, many women are not aware of this, or know how to turn on this feminine energy intentionally anytime they want.

So in this article you’ll find 10 powerful ways to step into your feminine energy with a man:

1. Let him lead

2. Show gratitude

3. Slow down your movement and talk

4. Be playfull

5. Share your emotions

6. Ask him for help

7. Know your worth

8. Be real

9. Let him take care of you

10. Be relaxed

Let him lead

This is very important if your goal is to be with a masculine man.

Leading is masculine energy. Receiving is feminine energy. So step out of decision mode and doing mode, lean back and allow yourself to receive from a man.

Let him take charge. Let him plan a date, decide where to go, order the food, open the door for you.

A man in his true healthy masculine energy will love to do all these things for you from genuine care, and will love seeing your be happy receiving from him.

Also, when you step back and allow him to lead, you can observe how much he is invested in you and his intentions.

Show gratitude

Gratitude is the secret to abundance in life.

The more grateful you are with what you have, the more things you attract to be grateful for.

So if you are with a masculine man who protects you and provides for you, show him how grateful you are.

When you show gratitude it shows him you are open to receiving and it will inspire him to give you even more.

Slow down your movement and talk

Feminine energy is about flowing, not running.

So slow down when you are with a man. Consciously move slower, walk slower, talk slower.

By slowing down he can feel your feminine energy, and this is especially true for masculine men who spend their days running and hustling.

They have the opportunity to calm down and feel peaceful in your presence and that is pure magic to them.

Slowing down also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the present moment.

Be playful

Whilst masculine energy is serious and direct, feminine energy is soft and playful.

Women who are in their feminine energy are naturally playful and light. They don’t take life too seriously.

They allow themselves to have fun and play in their interactions with men.

And very often masculine men do not have this in their daily working lives. They are surrounded by other men or women very much in their masculine energy, so they crave this playfulness from a feminine woman and are drawn to it like magic.

And you’ll also have more fun if you are playful!

Share your emotions

Feminine energy is all about being vulnerable and sharing how you feel. Without looking for an outcome. Just sharing.

So when you are with a man, get out of your mind and logical thinking and share how your heart and body feel.

Tell him that him planning such a wonderful date makes you feel so happy.

You can also share your passions, fears, and desires and how it makes you feel. This will deepen the connection between the two of you and make him want to protect and provide for you.

Ask him for help

Maybe when you are on your own, you take the groceries home from the car, or change that light bulb yourself.

When you are with a man, you don’t have to prove to him you can do all those things and you are such an independent woman. He probably already knows you can do anything you want.

But next to a man, do you really want to do all those things? A feminine woman would much rather ask him for help and lean back, letting him use his masculine energy to help her.

Masculine men love to protect and provide and love opportunities to help a woman. Let him.

Know your worth

To truly be in your feminine energy with a man (and in life in general), you need to know your worth and that it is unconditional.

You are worthy of all you desire just for being in this world, you don’t have to prove your worth to anyone or do things to deserve having your desires.

This self worth comes from self love and makes you confident. A man will feel this. He will know he is in the presence of a feminine woman who has standards and boundaries and he has to step up to it, not you who has to step down to meet any man.

To a truly masculine man, this a huge turn on. He will want to show you and prove that he deserves you.

Be real

Many feminine energy coaches teach women to be feminine through what we call “performative femininity”.

This means dressing a certain way, wearing a certain make-up, behaving a certain way or saying certain things.

Although there is nothing wrong with doing any of that per se, it becomes performative when you do things that are not you.

For example, if you don’t like to wear high heels, but you force yourself to wear them “because that’s what feminine women do”, you’ll be unconfortable and awkward and that will show to a man.

Being in your feminine energy is not about performing. Is about being yourself and being real. You can dress more feminine and behave more feminine, but ultimately you have to be you.

Feminine energy comes from the inside and that realness is what will attract the right man to you.

Don’t overshare

When you are in your feminine energy, you become naturally much more mysterious.

So don’t reveal everything about yourself. Don’t overshare just to try to impress him, like many “pick me” type of women do.

Instead, let him speak more and tell you more about himself.

Reveal just the right amount of information at a time and let him wonder and wanting to know more about you and your life, and so wanting to pursue and court you.

Be relaxed

In order to be in your feminine energy with a man, you need to be relaxed.

This is especially important to do if you were too much in your masculine energy that day, at work or doing other things.

So do certain things to relax before you meet with a man. Enjoy a bubble bath, dance around the house, do a yoga class, listen to soft sensual music, take a walk around nature.

All this will help you relax, slow down and embody your feminine energy more easily.

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