How Your Intuition is Your Feminine Energy Best Friend

As a woman, your feminine intuition is the guiding system of your life.

But when you are living your life from a masculine energy and focused on doing and achieving, you pay more attention to facts and logic instead of how you feel.

And many women at that point are disconnected from their intuition (they don’t know to differentiate intuition from fear), or they are aware of their intuition but always need proof and facts to back it up, not fully trusting themselves.

Intuition is what comes instantly to you without thinking.

It’s that gut feeling, that instant yes or no you feel before your brain becomes involved.

If you trust yourself and live from your feminine energy, you don’t question it.

You don’t need proof or facts to show your intuition was right. You know it is.

In fact, your intuition is there to protect you from having to go through bad experiences “to prove you were right”.

You simply remove yourself from a person or a situation immediately when you feel a no.

Or, you immediately say yes to a person or a situation that your intuition says is absolutely right for you if you feel a yes.

There is no “oh but”. When this happens, is your logical mind (masculine energy) taking place.

You start making excuses to situations that are bad for you, like giving a chance to a man who is not up to your standards, or accepting a job or a client that is not what you want, putting yourself in bad situations.

When you trust your intuition, you silence your mind. You tell your mind you are safe and you are taking the right decision based on your inner wisdom.

Please be aware that your intuition is also a great gift to the world. 

It is a gift to your partner, to your children, friends, clients, etc.

When you take the best decisions based on following your instinct you are taking the best decisions that affect also everyone else in your life.

And that is for example a great gift to a masculine man, who is very often so deep into their logical minds.

So, one of the most important things for you to do when you embody your feminine energy is to connect with your intuition:

Listen to and honour how you feel

Living from your feminine essence is listening to and honouring how you feel.

If you have trouble doing this, make sure that every day you take time to be in silence with yourself.

You can either do a deep meditation, go for a walk around nature, take a salt bath, and just connect with yourself.

Ask yourself “how do I feel” and let the answers appear.

Write down your first gut instinct

Intuition is a muscle. The more you listen to it and trust it, the stronger it becomes.

So besides listening to how you feel, make sure you write down the yes and no answers you feel in your body when they appear.

Write in your journal:

Situation with person X: YES


Situation with person X: NO

No need to explain it or write an essay about it because you don’t want your logical mind to take control.

Just write yes or no.

That is all you need.

Take time to give an answer

When confronted with a situation and if you cannot listen to yourself, resist the temptation to say yes or no immediately to a person or an opportunity.

Simply say “I need some time to give a response”, and then leave and take the time you need to connect with yourself and feel your response. Don’t think your response, feel it.

Trust your intuition

If you were living in a masculine energy, you probably ignored your intuition a lot and entered into bad situations and experiences that only proved your intuition was right.

So now is time to trust it.

As we mentioned before, when you live from your feminine energy you don’t need proof or facts, you just need to listen to how you feel, trust it and follow it.

We are not saying masculine energy ignores intuition (men can connect with their intuition also), what we are saying is that masculine energy has a different focus that very often doesn’t serve a woman in most situations.

So learn to trust your intuition even if it doesn’t make sense in that moment or doesn’t make sense for others.

And when you put your well-being and living your best life as your priority, then following your intuition becomes normal.

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