How To Embrace and Embody Your Dark Feminine Energy

The world we live in is based on duality; in fact this dual nature is a fundamental principle that governs everything.  

For there to be dark, there has to be light. Similarly, dark feminine energy is the equal and opposite of light feminine energy. Both dark and light feminine energies make up the whole feminine essence. 

In this article, we are going to focus solely on the dark feminine energy and how you can embrace and embody it to reach your highest feminine potential.

What is dark feminine energy?

The dark feminine energy is the dark shadow of its light feminine counterpart.

This shadow aspect of your feminine essence is essentially concerned with the fearless, passionate, and powerfully transformational side of the feminine essence.

It is important to note that words like “dark” or “shadow” don’t imply something negative here. 

The light feminine energy consists of traits like compassion, cooperation, grace, intuition, empathy and forgiveness. However, in stark contrast, the dark feminine energy traits consist of magnetic attraction, seduction, authenticity, power and transformation.

5 Powerful ways to tap into your dark feminine energy

Connect with a goddess of darkness

There are so many dark goddesses like Isis, Kali and Lilith, to just name a few. These fearless goddesses are the most accurate representation of the transformational dark force.

When you make an intention to connect with one of these goddesses, you access their powerful dark traits that can help you unleash your magnetic and seductive side.

Indulge in self-love

Dark feminine energy is all about total and complete acceptance of who you are and cherishing every aspect of your existence.

Therefore, being kind and showing love to yourself is incredibly important here. 

To indulge in self-love, offer yourself words of appreciation, let go of the past, and treat yourself with kindness.

Self love not only helps you be at peace with yourself, it also replenishes your lost feminine energies. 

Practice Journaling

Journaling is a fantastic way to release your stuck emotions.

When you practice journaling on a regular basis, you not only become aware of your inner world but gain the power to change your internal states. 

This self awareness and control then helps you connect with your fearless feminine side.

Tend to your wounded essence

Fear, shame and generational trauma are some of the things that almost all women carry with them unknowingly. 

However, to be one with your dark feminine side, you have to let go of these wounds because the dark feminine is anything shy and fearful.

So, you too have to move past the emotions that have been holding you back from realizing your true feminine essence. 

Connect with your cycle

To embrace your true femininity and especially the mysterious dark side; you must harness the power of your menstrual cycles.

Each menstrual cycle you go through helps you release stuck energies and build a powerful connection with your higher self.

That is why in many ancient societies, women used to honor their cycles, focusing on the significance they carry for them. 

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