Can I Be a Boss Babe and Attract Masculine Men?

The title of this post is a question many women who run their own businesses make.

Especially when they wish to embody their feminine energy.

They question if they have to work less, hire helpers or simply let go of their business entirely if they wish to be feminine and attract masculine men.

And this turns into an inner conflict for them if they are truly passionate about their business.

This happens because many feminine energy coaches tell them that they need to choose. They cannot be in boss babe energy (which feels masculine) and attract masculine men because there is no polarity.

Is this true? Well to an extent yes. Completely? No.

And that’s what we’ll find out in this article.

The truth is, having their own business is the dream of many women.

They value their independence, their money, their soul purpose and their mission.

They don’t just have a business. They are doing what they love and sharing their gifts with the world. And THAT is totally feminine!

So does a boss babe have to work less or let go of her business in order to be feminine and attract a masculine man which is a provider and a protector? Absolutely not. Can she be a boss babe around him? Also absolutely not.

We live in an abundant world. That means you don’t have to choose between having money or love. Between working or resting. Between going out or having children. And between having a business and a masculine partner.

You can have both because they are NOT mutually exclusive.

The trick here is to KNOW when to be in your boss babe energy and when to be in your feminine energy.

I personally don’t like to equal boss babe to masculine energy. Men have masculine energy, not women.

But I agree that a boss babe can and needs to embody masculine traits in order to run her business, such as: have clear goals, to-do tasks, being hands-on at work daily, take decisions, inititiate things, etc.

So if a boss babe is not masculine, why does she have a difficult time attracting masculine men?

The reason is simple: she doesn’t leave her boss babe energy when she finishes work.

Many women who run their businesses are always on hustling mode. They embody those masculine traits so much it becomes their identity.

They don’t know how to go back to feminine energy. They don’t know how to relax and just receive.

They don’t know how to switch off.

So they take that boss babe energy to dating.

And masculine men feel that masculine energy and they feel like they are talking to a colleague at work, not to a feminine woman. They feel zero attraction.

Masculine men LOVE feminine women. Those men don’t need to embody masculine traits at work, they have those traits naturally.

And they continue to have them when they are dating. That’s what masculine energy is.

A feminine woman on the other hand, has to embody masculine traits to run her business, but her natural energy is feminine.

Many women continue to be in boss babe mode with men, so what happens?

Two things happen: you repel masculine men and you attract emasculated men.

Many women have control issues that come from fear of letting go and trusting men, so they continue to be in their boss babe energy when dating.

They initiate, they plan dates, they are the man.

What they get with this is repeling masculine men, because masculine men are attracted to feminine women who let them take the lead.

Some women say that a true masculine man can bring a boss babe woman back to her feminine energy with his masculine dominance. Yes he can. But he doesn’t want to.

It’s not that a masculine man feels intimidated by a strong boss babe woman. It’s just that he doesn’t feel attraction because there’s no polarity.

Masculine men already face many challenges in their daily life at work and beyond.

They don’t want to also be challenged by women.

They want to enjoy a feminine woman’s radiance, her playfulness, her joy. So they can provide and relax in her presence.

Or also what they get is attracting emasculated men. Men who are embodying feminine energy.

Men who don’t want to lead, who want to be chased, who want the woman to take care of them.

There is polarity between a boss babe woman and an emasculated man, but is flipped.

It won’t be long until the woman feels frustrated and exhausted.

Be on your feminine energy when dating

Use those masculine traits to get things done when you are working. No harm in that.

But make the conscious decision to go back to your feminine energy when you finish working.

When you are on a date be in your feminine radiance.

If you struggle to do this shift, know that this is only a matter of practice nothing else.

Some women can switch almost instantly from one energy to the other, after much practice.

Others need to unwind and connect to their bodies through dancing, a bubble bath, taking a nap, etc.

Do whatever feels right and good to you so you make this switch.

Click here for ideas on how to embody feminine energy before a date.

So when you go on a date, you are in your feminine energy.

You are soft, joyful, nurturing, you don’t talk about work or business goals. You talk about how you FEEL.

How the man is making you feel with his leadership, by bringing you flowers,taking you to dinner, etc.

You let the man initiate, lead, take decisions. And you express feelings and gratitude.

Just let go and enjoy life

Being with a masculine man is your chance to let go and enjoy life and a breath of fresh air from all the decision making and doing tasks of running a business.

And if you are a single mom, you feel this even more! Because your work is not only to run your business but also to take care of your kids.

So letting a masculine man taking care of you is your opportunity to relax and enjoy life.

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