10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Embodying My Feminine Energy

Hi gorgeous! I’m Carla, the founder of The Feminine Energy and today I want to share with you the 10 lessons I learned from embodying my feminine energy.

I have lived most of my life in masculine traits, hustling, trying to prove my worth and lacking stability and happiness.

It was 12 years ago when I got pregnant from my daughter that I started to have my feminine/womb awakening and my life started to change.

I always knew that there was something off about the way I was living before, but when I realized why, then that was a game changer.

I started to reconnect with my feminine energy, started to have standards and boundaries, to become softer and playful, and my finally I reached the stability and happiness I have always craved and deserved.

So I want to share with you the main lessons on this wonderful journey:

1. I am beyond worthy just by being on this planet

After so many years feeling unworthy and that I had to work hard and make money to prove my value, I finally realized all the BS that is.

When I stepped into my feminine energy I realised I am already worth it. Just by being in this world. I just forgot about it.

And you know why I forgot about it and many women do to? Because when you are embodying masculine traits and in an energy of doing, you attract abusive people who want to take from you.

Those people can see your value clearly but pretend they don’t, so you keep giving and giving to them.

And that together with people leasing patterns, makes you believe that you ened to always be working hard and prove your value. Always seeking external validation.

When you learn you are already worthy and you have NOTHING to prove to anyone, you open up to receive. You no longer feed abusive people, you feed yourself.

You start to feel worthy of a beautiful and abundant life just because you exist.

2. I am safe and allowed to feel all the feels

When you are in doing masculine mode, you tend to ignore how you feel. Because masculine energy is a straight line.

It has goals and wants to achieve them, no distractions allowed. So your feelings and emotions are ignored. Even seen as weak.

When you embody your feminine energy, you learn that your emotions are SACRED. How you feel is your connection to your femininity, to your womb, to your heart.

You start to feel safe to feel ALL THE FEELS, the good emotions and the not so good ones, because you honour the whole of you.

You start listening and honouring how you feel, and you start expressing it into the world.

You learn that you are safe to feel your emotions and to be seen and heard, especially by yourself.

3. Sexual energy is the energy of creation

I also learn in my feminine energy embodiment that my sexual energy is sacred.

It is the force creative energy of the Universe. The force creative energy of your life. It is the fuel for you to create the life of your dreams.

So you stop giving that energy away to people, work, situations, that don’t value or honour you.

And you start to use that energy to yourself, to enjoy doing what you love every day, to create from divine inspiration.

4. My womb and my yoni are connected to my heart

In my past I used to feel a disconnection between my sacral chakra and my heart chakra.

I didn’t have much intimacy with my womb (to me it was just the place to have babies), and my yoni was disconnected from my heart because I wasn’t allowing myself to feel.

After embodying my feminine energy I consciously connected to my womb for the first time in my life.

Your womb is the container of all your emotions. So I allowed myself to feel everything I needed, released all stuck emotions and opened the space to connect my yoni to my heart.

So that my sexual energy and my creative energy is only used when my emotions are involved and it feels right.

5. I am allowed to have high standards

When I used to live from masculine traits, I didn’t have much standards or boundaries. I would accept what is offered to me, even if it didn’t make me feel that good.

After embodying my feminine energy, I learned that I am allowed and I should have not only standards, but HIGH standards on what and whom I accept in my life.

Having those high standards are based on what you desire for your life. The type of life you want to live, how you want to be treated by others, the type of romantic partner/husband you wish to have, the type of friendships, work, etc.

And you start embodying those standards. That is going to change your life completely, with people leaving your life, changing work, the place you live, etc. Let it happen.

6. Money is great!

When living from my masculine traits I used to have a relationship with money based on shame, lack and scarcity.

Like I wasn’t worthy of having much money. So I was always in a rollercoaster of manifesting money.

When I embodied my feminine energy I learned how ridiculous that is. I open up to receive from the Universe and all different sources, and completely changed my relationship with money to one of abundance and prosperity.

I learned that money loves me and wants to support me at all times, it was just me who needed to open the door to it completely and welcoming it into my life.

7. Living a slow and softer life is the path to abundance and prosperity

When living from my masculine traits I used to believe that I always have to be working hard, hustling, and being productive. The boss babe archetype.

Of course I was exhausted, drained, frustrated, resentful. But I believed that’s just how life is!

After embodying my feminine energy and after my daughter was born I wanted to slow down. I didn’t value hustling anymore, I wanted to enjoy life and enjoy my time with my daughter.

My priorities changed completely and I told myself I never gonna go back to that insane way of living.

I learned by slowing down and living a softer life that I get to have so MUCH MORE! That abundance is connected to you being true to yourself and living life on your own terms.

I learned that you decide how you want to live and what makes you feel good and the Universe adjusts to you.

8. Being open to receive is wonderful

When I wasn’t connected to my feminine energy I used to feel bad about receiving. It made me feel uncomfortable and I would rush to give something back.

So every single thing that came to me it would be taken away faster because it would trigger my closeness to receive linked to my self worth.

After embodying my feminine energy I learned that receiving is wonderful! When you open up to receive and you feel worthy of receiving, you start realizing how much you have been missing!

You start to attract people and situations that truly want to give to you and you start feeling happy to be taken care of! You realize those people are also happy to provide for you!

When you open up to receive, that’s when life starts getting magical!

9. Embodying my feminine energy is embodying both light and dark

I also learned in my journey that embodying my feminine energy is not only your lighter side and to be soft, playful and kind. It is also about embodying your dark side too!

And your dark feminine energy is what will make you have high standards, say no, have boundaries, tolerate no disrespect from anyone, be mindful of who you accept in your life, and knowing you are deserving of living your best life.

You need a balance of both light and dark in order to fully embody your feminine energy.

10. Your power is in attracting and pulling

I learned in my journey that having what you desire from your feminine energy is not about working hard and doing, but about being.

When you live your life from your feminine energy, you become magnetic. You become radiant. Your energy creates a ripple effect into the Universe and you’ll attract all you want effortlessly.

You pull all you want from that energy. The right men, relationships, work, friendships, money, situations, everything!

You become like the sirens on the Greek Mythology, just there singing being radiant, attracting and pulling the men.

Every thing you do does not come from “hard” work anymore, it comes from alignment, from passion, from joy. And that gorgeous lady reading this, is the power of your feminine energy!

Do you feel it’s time to fully embody your feminine energy? I created the book “Embody Your Sensual Feminine Energy” to help you to make this energetic shift and navigate through the journey.

Feminine energy is soft, is sensual, is nurturing, is yummy!

Is all about living a life of ease, creativity, enjoying the present moment.

It’s also about listening to your needs, to your emotions, living with an open heart and radiating that beautiful feminine energy attracting a life of abundance and joy.

It’s time to start embodying your sensual feminine energy!

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