You Don’t Need a Man to Be Feminine and Here’s Why!

There are so many feminine energy coaches and places nowadays that tell you that in order to embody your feminine energy you need to be in a relationship with a masculine man.

Although for many women the catalyst for their feminine energy embodiment is in fact dating or wanting to solve issues in their current relationship, the truth is no woman needs a man in her life in order to be in her feminine energy.

Why? Because a woman’s feminine energy is a relationship with herself.

A very intimate relationship with herself actually.

A woman’s feminine energy doesn’t depend on anything external or on anyone in order to exist, and a woman can be feminine without a man in her life.

Because the connection and embodiment of her feminine energy is inner work that she does with herself.

It is also a choice she makes to live from her feminine energy.

So she can be and live in her feminine energy regardless of where she lives, the work she does, if there is a man or not in her life, or if she is or not dating.

The same with men.

A masculine man doesn’t require a woman in his life in order to be masculine. He just is.

It’s who he is, it’s his essence, and he lives from that energy.

As mentioned before, many women start this journey of reconnecting and embodying their feminine energy because of dating or making their current relationship better, but they soon realize that the journey is not about anything external but about their internal energy.

It’s about her connection with herself, her emotions, her intuition, her sensuality, choosing to live differently, more slower, more present, more aligned.

Then what happens when a woman fully embodies her feminine energy is that she’ll desire a relationship with a healthy masculine man who is embodying his masculine energy.

Or her current relationship will improve as a result of her feminine energy.

But all that are external factors, because a woman’s world changes and adjusts when she embodies her feminine energy and decides to live differently.

So a woman doesn’t need a man in her life to “make her feminine”, to make it possible or give her validation for being feminine, she just IS feminine by herself.

Because needing a man in your life in order to be something, is called co-dependency.

What happens if you are not dating, or if your relationship ends? You are not feminine anymore? That makes no sense.

So a woman can be feminine regardless of her status or even if she is dating. She can choose to be with herself for a while in order to embody her feminine energy, and later meet a man who matches that energy.

It is true though that there are things about yourself and your feminine energy that you’ll only learn when in a relationship with a masculine man, because of the polarity of your dynamic.

But that happens with any relationship: with friendships, at work, family, etc. Other people will always mirror things about yourself and make you grow further.

And all external relationships will always be a reflection of your inner work, of the relationship you have with yourself and your feminine energy.

No one can give you permission or the possibility to be in your feminine energy, only you.

So don’t believe anyone who tells you that you need to be dating or have a relationship with a man in order to embody your feminine energy, or that is not possible for you because you are alone.

In other words, don’t let anyone make you doubt the sacred and intimate relationship you have with yourself.

You can be in your feminine energy anytime you want in the present moment, because it is a choice YOU make.

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