This is the Type of Man You Should Marry!

A feminine woman who is in her level up journey changes her mindset and her lifestyle because she raises her standards, in all areas of her life, including relationships.

It doesn’t matter who she dated in the past, or even who she married before.

It comes a time when she has healed enough to know herself very well and know very well the type of man she wants in a relationship.

So she develops a tunnel vision and she only gives her time and attention to a man who is ready for a serious relationship.

This type of man is a masculine man who has either healed himself and levelled up, or he was just raised the right way.

The type of man you should marry

This is the type of man who above everything else is relationship and family oriented.

He is a giver and wants to meet his dream woman and have his own family.

This is the type of man who treats a woman exactly the same way he would want his mother, daughter and sister to be treated.

In order to do that, he has already established himself in his life. He has a good job or his own business, and he is financially, physically and emotionally secure.

He is thriving in life and he wants to share it with the right woman aka YOU!

So this type of man has already taken the time to create a container of safety where he can receive the right woman for him.

He has this in mind that he needs to be ready before he meets her so he can provide a great life and protect her and the children.

This is a man who is not selfish and his focus is on providing and giving. He is generous and kind, but he is also selective on whom he accepts into his life.

This type of man doesn’t need to be wealthy or very rich, but he for sure is financially secure because he knows he can only have a good life with his wife if money is not an issue.

Many men do not have this concerns in mind when entering into a relationship or marrying a woman.

Many are still building their lives and therefore not exactly focused on the relationship, and other men are just not ambitious, are in their comfort zones, lazy, or just depressed.

They don’t care to build a safe container and a great life for themselves and his woman and family, and can only give breadcrumbs.

Of course this creates all sort of issues in a relationship, from financial problems to a man who is emotionally unavailable, not a good husband or father, etc, etc.

99% of the issues many women have in marriages or in serious relationships are with men who are not relationship oriented.

Those women fall in love with potential, are treated as placeholders, have a man who has built nothing but takes advantage of what the woman built for herself, are cheaters, want the woman to work hard in a job and also take care of the house and children as well as paying half the bills, all the sorts.

So the woman ends up exhausted, frustrated, angry, and with her self esteem in the dumps.

So falling in love like in the movies is not enough.

You need to be selective and vet men to figure it out if they are the right type to marry and have a healthy and happy relationship.

This means taking your time to vet men whilst dating.

Observing what he does, if he does what he says, but most importantly, observing his patterns of action because those patterns is who he really is, and this can only be seen over a long period of time.

A man who is the relationship type will make you feel safe and secure from the start.

His actions will tell you: “this is my world and what I have built for myself, I want to bring you into my world and share it with you”.

He won’t ask you “what do you bring to the table”, he builds the table for you!

Become a relationship type woman

In order to attract this type of man, you don’t need fancy clothes, make-up, high heels, a manicure, or go to places where these men go.

What you need is to embody your feminine energy fully, live your best life, be solid in who you truly are and have this tunnel vision of the type of man you want.

You need to be open to receive from him, know how to respect him, let him lead the relationship and just be you.

No you don’t have to become a housewife and quit your job or business (unless you want to), he will respect your life choices because the relationship is about both helping each other be their best version and happy.

Also do not entertain or give attention and energy to men who clearly show you they are not this type of man.

Because this man doesn’t come into your life to “save” you from your struggle or survival mode, he comes into your life to ADD to the amazing life you are already living. He is the cherry on top.

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