15 Powerful Symptoms of Divine Feminine Awakening 

The divine feminine energy is the powerful energy that creates, nurtures and sustains life.

It is the equal half of the divine masculine, and the intricate balance of these opposing energies is needed for the continuation of life. 

Just like the raw, goal-oriented, and logic-driven masculine energy has contributed to the advancement of our species on this planet, in the very same way, the, feminine energy has played its incredible role in making our planet a harmonious nest for life. 

To enjoy the human experience to the fullest, it’s an absolute must that you connect with your divine feminine energy. 

Your initiation into your feminine energy is often called the divine feminine awakening. This is a phase when you are becoming more and more grounded in your feminine essence. 

In this article, we will go over some important signs and shifts in your personality, life and preferences.

So, watch out for these 15 symptoms of your divine feminine awakening, as they will help you understand where you are in your path:

1) Intuition heightens

Intuition is the inner guidance system that nature has given to every one of us.

But unlike many others, you might not have made a conscious effort to get in touch with your intuitive side previously.

However, during your divine feminine awakening, you will suddenly see your intuition becoming stronger, and you will become aware of its power. 

2) You become a kinder person

When your divine feminine is awakening, you will more often find yourself trying to assist other people in some way. 

In the past, when you were not in touch with your divine feminine essence, you might have responded to people and situations in a not-so-nice way.

But as the divine feminine awakens in you, you will start enjoying showing your kinder side to people and situations.

3) Self-love becomes a priority

No matter how good and generous you become, you cannot give to others what you don’t have within you. So, it all starts with self-love.

As you will become more and more attuned to your divine feminine energy, you will see that your connection with yourself will transform for the better.

You will start accepting and loving yourself just the way you are.

4) You build stronger connections

We all crave strong and satisfying human connection, but only some of us actually put in the time and effort required to nurture these relationships.

As your divine feminine awakening begins, you will see yourself drawn to nurture and care for every important relationship in your life – not just the intimate ones.

5) Deeper connection with nature

Your divine feminine awakening is a time of complete recalibration of your energies. So, you will find yourself forming a deeper connection with nature because it has a higher vibration that will resonate with you.

You will feel a strong desire to spend more time in nature.

6) Increased emotional awareness

Self-awareness and emotional maturity is a gift that you will relish as you progress on the path of connecting with your divine feminine energy.

You will see yourself becoming less reactive to situations that previously triggered you in some way. Also, you will get this superpower to regulate your emotions at your own will.

7) Increased empathy for others

Empathy is the ability to understand other people’s feelings and emotions, and it also means having the emotional maturity to view things from other people’s perspectives.

As time progresses, the human race is becoming self-obsessed and devoid of empathy. But your divine feminine awakening will give you a renewed sense of empathy for others as you will become emotionally stronger.

8) Embracing your sensual side

As the divine feminine rises in your body and consciousness, it gives you the confidence to embrace your sensual side.

So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dressing or showing up in a more sensual way. It’s all a part of the process.

9) Higher levels of creativity

The feminine essence is the womb of creation; hence it’s very natural that as your divine feminine grows stronger, you will become more creatively inspired.

10) You start letting go

There are so many things and situations in life that are beyond our control, especially what happened to us in the past. 

As you go through this wonderful journey of divine feminine awakening, you will start letting go of things that don’t help you grow or flourish. This is another sign of emotional maturity.

11) You give up trying to change others

Often we love the idea of changing others so that they can be the way we want them to be. But this is nothing more than a manipulative tendency.

In times of your divine feminine awakening, you will see yourself accepting others just the way they are. You will start accepting and respecting them regardless. 

12) Compassion for others

The rising feminine energy will make you more compassionate and aware of other people’s suffering. You would feel a strong urge to help others in any way possible. 

13) You will seek meaningful work

The stronger your divine feminine will become, the more your work priorities will shift. You will see yourself desiring work that will spark your creativity and fulfill your soul.

Working will become a rather reflective process than a means to gain money or fame.

You will embark on some of the most creative projects of your life during your divine feminine awakening.

14) You will become less calculative

Society might have trained you to be logical and calculative in all your decisions. This is because our society propagates and thrives on masculine energy.

But one downfall of being too rational is never listening to what your heart is trying to tell you.

However, as your awakening will continue, you will see a pleasant shift inside you where you will go from relying on the thinking brain to your feeling heart. 

15) Increased self-confidence

It is quite natural that your confidence will skyrocket as you become emotionally balanced and grounded during your awakening.

You will feel worthy and deserving of all the good things the universe has to offer, and you will not shy away from trying different things.

Also, you will stop seeking validation from other people as your inner confidence will grow stronger.

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