Free Guide – How To Embody Your Feminine Energy

As a woman, your feminine energy is always that you are born with.

Is not something you “acquire” later on in life. It is your essence, your core being.

what happens is that many women does to life circunstances end up repressing that feminine energy and embodying masculine traits in order to survive. And notice, I said, survive, not living.

Traits like hustling, taking the lead, providing, protecting themselves, working hard, always being on “doing” mode.

Many women do this because they didn’t have a provider and protective father or masculine role model, had masculinized mothers, had the lack of a safety family container, etc. So they learned they have to do it themselves.

Nothing wrong with providing for yourself and protecting yourself, but when a woman is too much in this energy, she ends up resentful, exhausted, disconnected from her emotions and intuition. Disconnected from her core self which is her feminine energy.

Living in your sensual and soft feminine energy is a completely different story, is about LIVING!

It’s about slowing down, about connecting with your emotions and expressing how you feel.

It’s about being present in the moment and enjoying life with all your senses online: SENS (senses) + UAL (ALL): feeling it all at all moments.

So, how does a woman let go of this masculinized armour and embody her true feminine energy again?

Here are some great ways to do that:

1. Get out of your head and into your body

One way to know if you are not in your feminine energy is when you are thinking too much. You feel judgemental, rigid, closed off.

One great way to shift quickly from being in your head/mind and into your body and emotions, is shaking off your body.

Close your eyes and start shaking one hand, then the other one, then your arms, your hips, and then your entire body. You can also start dancing if you feel like it.

Just let go and allow your body to move freely. Start noticing how does it feel. Do you feel tired, do you feel good, do you feel happy? Connect with how you feel.

Shaking off is an awesome way to get into your feminine energy. You’ll feel the shift instantly, and going from rigid and contracted to open and expanded.

I advise doing this every day and every time you feel you are too much in your head, for example before a date.

2. Take time to relax

When I bought my first home I did a terrible mistake because I chose the house with my head/mind and not with my body/intuition.

I was in practical mode, I wanted an available house, in this location, fast. So I chose an apartment with a bathroom that didn’t have a bathtub.

Salt bubble baths have always been my favorite way to relax and go into my feminine energy. So my masculinized mind told me at the time oh that’s not that important, and what happened is that later on when I was living there and truly started to embody my feminine energy I missed those salt baths terribly!

I’ve had to check in at a hotel every time I wanted to have a salt bath and relax.

And then I realised that I chose that house with a pratical mind, not from my intuition and my true needs.

All this to say that your “me time” and your relaxing practices are KEY to embody your feminine energy. And they should be a priority.

Take time every day to do things that put you in a relaxed state, like taking a salt bubble bath, doing a massage, reading a book, taking a nap, playing with your kids or dog, self pleasuring, or simply just doing nothing. Sit in your garden or balcony with a cup of tea and just observe the world around you.

All these relaxing practices make you stop, be in the present moment and in your body, enjoying the sensual and feminine world of emotions flowing.

Rushing in doing things is a masculine energy focused on getting an outcome. Shift to letting go of any outcome and just be present in your life and your body.

3. Value and address your needs

Knowing your true needs is key to way feminine woman.

The need to feel loved, protected, provided, cared for, amongst others.

A feminine woman knows and values her true needs, because they are the guiding system of her life. They guide her to people and situations that will fulfill her needs, and guide her away from people and situations that do not.

Valuing your needs is also a great way to let go of trauma bonding situations and people.

Because people who bring you problems, who are not consistent, who don’t truly care for you, are not really fulfilling your true feminine needs.

Women who embodied masculine traits in their lives got very often attached to people who didn’t reality fulfilled their needs because those women were in masculine giving mode and more concerne with catering to other people’s needs at the expense of their own.

When they shift to embodying their feminine essence, they switch to making their needs the priority in their lives and only accepting people who catar to their needs, which takes ut to the next point.

4. Open up to receive from others

A woman embodying her feminine energy is a woman that is open to receive from other people, from the Universe, from everything good.

Doing and giving to others is masculine energy. Receiving is feminine energy.

A feminine woman still gives to others, but never at the expense of her well being and never through doing tasks and “too much”.

She gives to others through her radiance, not through doing stuff to others.

For example, masculine men fall in love with feminine women who are open to receive from them. To receive provision, protection, financial and emotional stability, etc.

Many women are mothers and give and do things to their children, but that is mother energy, not embodying masculine traits, which are two different things.

A feminine woman feels safe in life because she knows she is enough as she is.

She doesn’t need to do anything to prove her worth and to receive good things. She knows the Universe is always providing to her, that money is always appearing to support her, that the right people appear to help her, that a masculine man wants to love and take care of her. She is abundant as she is.

So as she is open to receive, the Universe loves to lavish her with amazing things for her to enjoy.

5. Live in the present sensual moment and in joy

A woman embodying her feminine energy is a woman who lives in the present moment.

Most of the time she is not concerned with goals and outcomes, a feminine woman just wants to have fun and enjoy her days!

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t work, but the work she does is from her heart, it makes her feel creative and passionate and expand in the world, instead of getting her exhausted and drained.

A feminine woman feels her senses and emotions in everything she does, in other words, she is SENSUAL.

She feels the water running through her body during a shower, she takes time to smell the flowers, she appreciates all beauty around her, the smells, the sounds, etc.

She doesn’t ruminate about the past or worry about the future. She feels safe and stays enjoying the present moment fully.

A feminine woman is also PLAYFUL. She loves to let her inner child play and be silly. And masculine men LOVE that radiant energy!

5. Make friends with other feminine women

It’s so important for a woman embodying her feminine energy to have a sisterhood of other feminine women.

Women who help you embody your feminine essence, who also live in the present moment and want to enjoy life, and bring to each other a sense of amazing energy and vibration.

Women who are also open to receive, who talk positively about others (especially about men), and who want to create a beautiful life for themselves.

The people around you influence you tremendously, so having friendships with other feminine women is key.

6. Listen to your intuition

A feminine woman listens to, honours and follows her intuition.

She knows that inside her is all the the inner wisdom she needs to take decisions and live her best life.

So, connect with your intuition. What you feel immediately about someone or something before your mind has even time to think, is usually right.

You don’t even have to understand it, or have proof your intuition is right. You just need to trust it.

A woman who is too much in her mind (masculine energy) will need facts. She needs to see proof her intuition is right, and usually when that happens she ends up being hurt somehow.

A woman in her body (feminine energy) trusts her intuition fully and she moves on quickly when something or someone feels off.

She also knows not it feels when something or someone feels right: she feels alive, creative, happy.

Your intuition is your power tool that helps you create the amazing life you deserve!

7. Take good care of yourself and your appearance

A feminine woman is a woman with a good and healthy self esteem.

She loves to take care of herself, her body, the clothes she wears, her hair, her nails, etc.

Looking and feeling good is nurturing yourself first. You deserve to feel good at all times and that should be a priority and an investment in yourself.

This means also taking time to relax, to unwind, to rest. Taking a nap if needed.

When you take good care of yourself you feel amazing, which is basically living in a high vibration.

8. Take care of your home

A feminine woman loves to be surrounded by beauty and a peaceful environment.

This doesn’t mean you need to live in a million dollar home, it means making sure the place you live makes you feel good, comfortable and feminine.

So it is important to choose the right location to live, the right home decor, the right furniture, to have plenty of natural light, to choose what brings you joy.

It’s also important to keep your house clean and tidy. Get a cleaner to help you with that, especially if you have kids at home.

9. Express your emotions

Being feminine is all about being vulnerable and expressing your emotions into the world.

And I mean, ALL your emotions. Not just the good and pretty ones. The messy and uncomfortable ones too.

Not expressing emotions and how you feel is masculine energy, meaning you are too much in your head. Feminine energy is all about telling how you feel.

But, without any kind of judgment or expecting an outcome from someone else.

It’s just expressing how you feel. Saying it out loud.

I feel happy

I feel sad

I feel unsafe

I feel insecure

I feel amazing

I feel loved

I feel worried

Just that, expressing how you feel.

This requires courage to be vulnerable, because you are taking the risk to be hurt.

But, that is what feminine energy is, being vulnerable and living from authenticity.

And also, expressing how you feel is also a great way to vet people. Are people able to hold space for how you feel or not?

For example, true masculine men love feminine women who are vulnerable and express how they feel. It ignites their instinct to protect and provide for them.

Also, masculine men pass too much time during the day in their mind, in a world of facts, tasks, doing mode. So they need a feminine woman who brings them a colourful world of emotions and joy.

Expressing how you feel also repels certain types of people like abusers or emasculated men, who are takers and not givers. They cannot or don’t want to hold space for your emotions and provide for you. They prefer masculinized women who repress their emotions and are in doing mode for them.

Expressing your emotions will always make you feel more connected to yourself and others.

You can even do this on your own, connect with how you feel and say it out loud to yourself or your pet. And see how you instantly feel more connected to yourself.

10. Realise you are already feminine

Many women make the mistake of thinking they don’t have feminine energy, and they have to learn to embody it. This is not true.

ALL women have feminine energy. That is why we are born women and not men.

What happens is that due to education, social conditioning, family environments, many women had to acquire masculine energy traits in order to survive in the world.

Maybe you had a masculinized mother who told you don’t trust any man and go hustle. Or you never had a masculine provider role model as a father.

Or maybe you were ridiculed or ashamed when you were young being feminine enjoying life.

So you acquired those masculine traits of providing for and protecting yourself for many years, got exhausted, and that pushed your feminine essence further down.

So now embodying your feminine energy is not about becoming someone you are not, quite the opposite.

Is becoming who you ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!

It’s a return to yourself. To your essence, to your well-being, to truly LIVING, and not just surviving.

Is letting go of all the hustle, of not feeling safe, of limiting beliefs that keep you too much in your mind, and just enjoying and embracing life!

So, listening to yourself and connecting to how you feel is the key to bring your femininity forward!

And knowing you deserve abundance, you deserve to feel safe in life, you deserve joy, and all the goodness in the world just because you are here in this world.

Let your radiance come out and SHINE! It’s time.

If you enjoyed this Guide and wish to take a step further on letting go of masculine traits and fully embodying your feminine energy, grab your Book now: