Embody Your Sensual Feminine Energy

Hi gorgeous!

Welcome to the programme and to a massive change in yourself and in your life!

The change you need in order to live the soft, abundant and beautiful feminine life you deserve!

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1. The 3 Types of Feminine Energy and How They Act

On this second video we talk about the 3 different main types of feminine energy, how they play out in the world and in dating/relationships, and how a woman can evolve from one to another, so you know in which stage of your journey you are and it brings you clarity.

2. What is Light & Dark Feminine Energy and Why You Need Both

In this video we dive deep into what is both light & dark feminine energy, how they play out in yourself and why you need to embody both in order to live feminine aligned life.

3. Connecting with your intuition and your emotions

Your intuition and the connection with your emotions are the essence of your feminine energy. Learn how to connect with them and how to express yourself in a feminine way.

4. Take This Quantum Leap to Embody Your Feminine Energy Fast!

Taking this Quantum Leap with make you let go of the past quickly and embodying your feminine energy fast, by connecting today with who you truly are.

5. How to Date Men as a High Value Feminine Woman

When you embody your feminine energy, start attracting instead of doing and open up to receive, your choice of men and the relationship you wish to have will face a massive change too! Whether you are dating or in a relationship, in this video you’ll know how to relate to men as a high value feminine woman.

6. Being a Magnetic Sensual Siren Attracting and Pulling In All You Desire, Living in Abundance!

In the last video of this programme we talk how embodying your feminine energy and attracting & pulling instead of doing is the key to live the truly abundant life you deserve!