Do You Want a Masculine Provider or a Father Figure?

Many feminine women desire to have a relationship with or marry a provider man.

A provider man is a masculine man who provides for himself and his loved ones. He provides financially, emotionally and psychologically, making his loved ones (wife, children, etc) feel safe and protected at all times.

Not all men have this instinct to provide and protect awaken in them, so is key for a feminine woman to choose wisely the type of man she relates to.

But there is also a fine line between being a provider man and being a father figure.

From one extreme to the other

Many women never had a masculine provider father who made them feel protected and provided for when they were growing up.

They never had a masculine healthy role model in their lives.

This very often led to trauma and a deep emotional void. That is the reason so many women end up in co-dependent relationships later on with men who are similar to their fathers: who are emotionally unavailable,, distant, cold, not providing or protecting them, and in certain instances even abusive.

And many of these women later on in life when they have their feminine awakening and realize their patterns and their trauma and start connecting with themselves, they start wanting a totally different man as a partner: a man who is a provider, a protector, emotionally available, empathic, kind, everything their father wasn’t.

Although is great to have this awareness and this desire to have a healthy masculine provider man in your life, it is important to not falling into the other extreme: of becoming totally dependent on someone else and losing your sense of self.

Because there is a fine line between having a man who leads, initiates and provides, and a man who treats you as a child, never making you a part of the decisions, telling you what to do at all times, controlling all the money and only giving you allowances, etc. All these behaviours are also not healthy and will make you feel powerless like a child, not feeling like a woman.

This is also co-dependency and reveals a desperate need to rescue yourself through someone else and have your childhood back, which is not possible because you are now a grown woman.

It reveals your wounded inner child. Whilst on the other extreme you were accepting men similar to your father in the hopes of them changing, choosing you and becoming the man you want, healing your wound, in this case you are choosing a very different man but searching for the same end result.

And what can happen very often is that the type of men who go over that fine line from being a provider to treating you as a child, are often controlling and abusive. Or can become like that later on.

Heal your inner child so you attract a healthy masculine provider who treats you as a woman

The only way to have a mature relationship with a masculine provider who treats you as a woman and not as a child is through healing your inner child.

First realize that when you were in survival mode and using masculine traits to work, hustle, do, achieve, etc, yes you probably got exhausted, had healthy issues, etc, but you also learned about your own strenght along the way.

Later in life you can get out of survival mode, be in your feminine softness and live a more aligned life, but that doesn’t mean forgetting about your inner strenght.

You don’t have to become a submissive powerless woman who lets the man decide everything. You can and should participate in the decisions and being treated as a grown-up woman.

So healing your inner child, that little girl inside you that still needs to be saved and rescued is key.

And only you can make her feel safe. Not through hustling hard now, but through kindness, through listening to your emotions, through trusting yourself and knowing that your relationship with yourself always comes first, and that you are always safe, provided for and protected, with or without a masculine partner.

This is also done by integrating your own masculine energy in a healthy way, supporting your feminine energy and flow.

Only when you do this healing and integration you can attract a healthy masculine man who is a provider, a protector, who ADORES you, wants to give you the world, but who sees you as a strong and feminine woman and treats you as such.

Want to heal your inner child and embody your feminine energy in a healthy way?

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