Dating: How to Quickly Identify a Healthy Masculine Provider

Many women who step into their feminine energy start to want to have a provider man in their lives.

But first of all, what is a provider man?

He is a man who is connected to his masculine energy in a healthy way.

He is generous, kind, empathic, and he provides to the ones he loves. He provides emotional, psychological and financial support.

Not because he is obligated to do so, but because it is his nature.

He wants to take care of the ones he loves, and make sure they are well at all times. This comes from his natural instinct.

It is important to notice that no man is obligated to be a provider just because he is a man. Same to saying no woman is obligated to stay at home and cook just because she is a woman.

These are very outdated ways of thinking, and each man (and woman) is free to choose to live as they prefer.

But for a feminine woman who levelled up and has high standards, she prefers to be with a man who lets her be fully in the feminine energy.

Maybe in the past when she was too much in her masculine energy and in survival mode she accepted men who weren’t providers, and who even took advantage of her in some way. That is part of the past now.

Now she wants a man who ADORES her and provides her fully for her and her needs. Because she deserves nothing but the best in her life.

So if you are dating, what are the early signs that a man is a provider and how to identify one?

And how to differentiate being a provider from lovebombing?

Here are the top early signs a man is a healthy masculine provider:

1. He initiates and plans

A man who is in his masculine energy initiates communication and plans dates.

He doesn’t do that obligated or because “it is the man’s role”, he does it because he is following his natural instinct to pursue and because he truly wants to talk to you and see you.

So this type of man doesn’t go silent and he surely doesn’t sit on his hands waiting for the woman to initiate contact or plan a date.

He is a man of action and he wants to make sure all is done.

2. He has integrity

This type of masculine man is a man of action and he puts his money where his mouth is.

If he says he’ll do something, you can be sure he will.

This is the kind of man you can count on and feel safe with. So for example if he says he is going to book a table for you two to have dinner Saturday night, that will be done and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

3. He is considerate

A healthy masculine man plans things and takes action, but he is also considerate.

He wants to know your preferences, what do you like, how is your availability, how do you prefer something, etc.

This is not the type of man who books a sushi restaurant when you said before you are alergic to fish. This is the type of man who listens to you.

He truly wants to make you feel good in your feminine energy, so he cares about your needs and your preferences.

4. He truly wants to get to know you on an emotional level

A healthy masculine man is emotionally available.

He wants to provide not just financially and helping you with solutions, but he also wants to support you emotionally.

This means that he wants to get to you know deep. He wants to know who you are, what are your fears, your dreams.

Not to manipulate you, but to love you.

We advise women to go slow and take their time to get to know a man before they tell them everything about themselves, but you have to be able to be emotionally vulnerable and tell him how you feel.

The right man will hold space for your emotions and feel connected to you, the wrong man will run away scared.

He’ll also open up to you and show you who he is.

5. He is consistent

A healthy masculine man not only initiates and takes action, but he is consistent in doing so.

And ladies, consistency over time is one of the best ways to observe how a man is and to know if he being genuine or just lovebombing you.

A man who is lovebombing you has a goal in mind and generally speaking has a timeframe to reach his goal. He is not in for the long run, his patience is very short and if he feels he can’t get what he wants from you, he’ll move on.

On the other hand, a healthy masculine man who is truly interested in you and is in it for the long haul, will be consistent over and over gain.

He won’t stop initiating, he won’t complain he is always the one sending a message first and he certainly will not push your boundaries.

So take your time and go slow when dating a man and observe his behaviour over time.

6. He knows what he wants and voices it

A provider masculine man knows what he wants.

He is not the type to say things like “let’s go with the flow”, or that he is not ready for a relationship, or that he doesn’t know what he is looking for.

So ladies if you hear those things from a man, know that he is not in his healthy masculine energy and move along.

A healthy masculine man is very clear in his life goals and in his relationship goals. He knows where he is going and what he wants, and he says it out loud and clear.

He is emotionally available and ready for a relationship.

And he’ll do this from the moment you two met, you’ll never have to wonder what does he want or where you two stand. It will be crystal clear and you’ll feel you can trust this man.

7. He wants to help and provide solutions

A provider masculine man is a man of action.

He wants to be of help and he’ll be the one offering solutions.

You can’t drive? He’ll pick you up or call you an Uber.

You are a single mom and can’t go out to dinner? He’ll help you get a babysitter or he’ll be available to meet you another time on your schedule.

You have a flat tyre on your car? He’ll come to help you solve the issue.

He is not the type of man to be clueless on what to do or unavailable when facing a challenge. Or even better, he is not the type to sit down and expect you to solve problems for him.

He is the type of man that takes action and wants to help you and make your life easier.

8. He is generous

A provider man isn’t necessarily a weathy or rich man. In fact, there are many wealthy men who are not providers.

But he is without a doubt financially safe and generous.

He wants to provide a safe environment for his woman and family, so he makes sure to have that financial part sorted before he gets into a relationship.

He is not the type of man who expects the woman to pay, or expects the woman to love him unconditionally when he has no financial stability.

He knows that having financial stability is key to a happy and tranquil life and for his woman (and kids) to thrive in life.

He is also a generous man who has no problems in paying and taking care of things.

Remember, a healthy masculine man’s love language is providing, so providing financially is just a normal thing to him.

So is not about how much money a man has in his bank account, is about how generous he is with the money he has.

So these are the main things to look for when vetting men to see if he is a healthy masculine provider.

What other things do you notice on this type of man? Share it in the comments below!